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Is your website or social media page connecting the heart and soul of your business to new customers? I can help!

Please complete the form below and you’ll receive a custom site review with a step by step list of design ideas to implement.

If you do not have a website, please include a social media page or leave blank.
I can’t say thank you enough to Meg for her guidance and assistance for my website. The recommendations were thorough, detail-oriented, and explained well, which allowed me to see my website from my customer’s eyes (instead of my own). My website looks so much better already! I would absolutely use Yoga Brain again and if you need help optimizing your website and branding, they are a wonderful resource!
— Teressa, Owner of FNL Health


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Logo & Branding

Your logo is the heart of your company’s identity. Think of it as a custom piece of art reflecting your core mission and values.

Along with a new logo, a Brand Identity Guide is included. It’s a document that contains guidelines for the composition, design, color, typography, and general thematic look-and-feel of your company’s pieces. This includes everything from your email signature, logo, and the font you use on internal documents.

Projects starting at $695.


Web Design

The best website solidifies brand recognition while creating an engaging and easy to navigate experience for your user. Your website is a personalized hub of information: the best online billboard your business has.

When creating or redesigning your website, your ideas are front and center — turned into a beautiful online platform. The website’s purpose, color scheme, typography, template, images, SEO, google analytics, wire-frame, and platform are defined and fully optimized.

Projects starting at $2,695.



The depths of email and social media are endless, but the connections formed in this space can be genuine, interesting, and, with the right strategies in place, help build an authentic online community.

An effective plan is developed across all communication channels to help you stay connected to your community, attract new business, and promote your offerings – all based on your unique strengths.

Projects starting at $695.

payment plans available.

Meg is without a doubt the behind-the-scene-brain for my yoga business! Her insight on my approach and what makes my work stand out was affirming and helped me figure out strategies to connect with others that feel deeply rewarding vs. narcissistic and gimmicky. I value our conversations — she both meets me where I’m at and gently nudges me to try new things. She has “translated” work that other tech professionals have helped me with (but haven’t always figured out how to do the skills transfer so I can keep up the work) which has been invaluable at overcoming logjams. As a lifelong learner herself, she has none of the formulaic mindsets I’ve encountered in the past and instead looks to see what we can both learn from the process of working together.
— Yael Flusberg, Yoga Teacher & Healer

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